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Annu Haapakangas Ms Annu Haapakangas Ph.D., Psychologist, Research Group Leader Phone: +358 46 851 5927 Email: Group Email: Location: Joukahaisenkatu 3, 20520 Turku, A-siipi Unit: Health and Well-being, Rehabilitation, Oral Health Care and Diagnostic Services
Competences: Psychology, Research competence, Scientific writing, Cognitive psychology, Open-plan offices, Noise, Well being at work, Environmental psychology, Acoustics, Indoor environment, Project competence, English, Cooperation with working life
Office: A-rappu, 2. krs Absences: Olen vanhempainvapaalla 28.2.2020 saakka. Tutkimusvastaavan tehtäviä hoitaa poissaoloni ajan Marion Karppi.I'm on parental leave until 28th February, 2020.