Page updated 7.5.2018
#circulareconomy – New Pedagogy and Corporate Cooperation to Promote Module Studies in Circular Economy

#circulareconomy – New Pedagogy and Corporate Cooperation to Promote Module Studies in Circular Economy

In the #circulareconomy project (#kiertotalous), learning materials for teaching circular economy in Finnish and international educational institutes will be created. These learning materials are inspiring guides, produced in written format and as videos, handling the innovative teaching methods of circular economy.

The circular economy modules of Turku University of Applied Sciences, Lahti University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University of Applied Sciences promote team working skills and multidisciplinarity as well as learning and information searching competences. The project aims to share the competence for the benefit of others by developing teaching method packages for teaching circular economy in educational institutes. The method packages are produced in Finnish as well as in English. With them, it is easy to proceed in circular economy work.

The project is coordinated by TUAS and will be implemented with four work packages. The work packages investigate the existing circular economy study modules and the good practices used in them. The selected practices will be further developed and used as a basis, together with completely new practices, to design learning methods to be piloted with students at TUAS, TAMK, LAMK and partner HEIs. The materials and methods will be later launched to all educational levels. Students participate in all work packages by participating in content creation and the assessment of methods.

The aim of the project is to   

  1. develop and systematize existing circular economy competence and pedagogical methods
  2. offer the working life competences required by circular economy and the competences required by multidisciplinary cooperation in form of method packages
  3. integrate circular economy expertise and circular economy thinking into all fields and operations
  4. enable and promote cooperation and learning between different fields and operators.