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Publications – highlighting results and expertise

The publication activities at Turku University of Applied Sciences cover publishing in different scientific, professional and popular magazines and other publications as well as in TUAS’ own channels.

In the publication database Juuli  (only in Finnish) you will see all publications by TUAS staff members, such as newspaper or magazine articles and conference publications.

The own publishing channels of TUAS include 1) four publication series, 2) online magazine Talk and 3) stakeholder magazine Talk in print.

Publication strategy – what do we publish and why?

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TUAS’ publication activities are a part of our research and innovation activities. Their purpose is to highlight the results of the research, development and innovation activities at Turku University of Applied Sciences and the competence and expertise of the students and staff.

At TUAS, the aim is both to produce scientifically worthy publications and to highlight the results and competence in professional media. In addition, the aim of the publications is to support bringing forward our professionalism for the everyday needs of the region.

In publication activities, we encourage towards open access and self-archiving (i.e. parallel publishing). Open Access refers to having the publications permanently accessible online without any compensation. In the publication series and other own publishing channels of TUAS, the focus is on open access publishing. Self-archived publications are accessible in TUAS open access repository Theseus .

High-quality publication activities support the brand and impact of TUAS. Publishing is one of the result indicators in the funding granted to universities of applied sciences.

Publication series at TUAS

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The results of research and development work at TUAS are usually published in TUAS’ own publication series. In addition, we produce practical guides for working life and learning material for universities of applied sciences. The publications are written by our staff, students and cooperation partners.

Most of our publications can be accessed free-of-charge online in PDF format. All publications available for purchasing and downloading can be found in publication store LOKI.

Research Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences features new and relevant results as well as creative content in basic and applied research. The topic of the publication and the methods of the research must meet the requirements of scientific research.

Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences includes reports, surveys, studies and other publications that do not necessarily meet the requirements of scientific research. Most of our project reports are published in this series.

Course Material from Turku University of Applied Sciences mainly features textbooks and educational materials for universities of applied sciences. Ideas for educational materials often emerge in development projects.

Comments from Turku University of Applied Sciences features a diverse range of publications: seminar papers, interim reports, articles and collections of articles. The purpose is to provoke discussion and shed new light to our organization’s activities.

The most downloaded publications in TUAS’ series in 2017

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The most downloaded electronic publications in TUAS’ series in 2017

1. Päivi Simi & Outi Tuomela (eds.): Kotimaalarin käsikirja

2. Kari Salonen:  Näkökulmia tutkimukselliseen ja toiminnalliseen opinnäytetyöhön – opas opiskelijoille, opettajille ja TKI-henkilöstölle

3. Donna Dvorak, Susanna Saari & Telle Tuominen (eds.): Developing a Competitive Health and Well-Being Destination