Page updated 19.5.2015
Active Ageing

Active Ageing

The Active Ageing research group intends to rise to the challenges of the ageing Finnish society by producing knowledge, competence and opera­tional models based on a multidisciplinary gerontology framework. The group’s activities are intended to support elderly persons’ activity and participation.

Together with different parties and partners, the research group produces professional competence and operational models to promote and enhance active ageing. Through our operations in education, continuing education and in RDI we increase awareness of ageing as an individual, communal and social resource.

We are a research group that anticipates social change. We wish to support regional and national vitality by developing demand and user oriented innovation activities related to ageing. We also participate in research and development acti­vities for the promotion of well being and health in coopera­tion with universities, universities of applied sciences, local, national and international partners.

Active ageing involves a resource oriented approach to life and the right to participate in work and social activities. The ideology underlying our operations is related to productive participation, also known as productivity in later life.