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Art Education and Pedagogy

The Art Education and Pedagogy research group focuses on short and long-term development needs of the field of Arts and Culture in regional, national and international levels.

Art Education and Pedagogy has a two-fold aim: on one hand to regard from a theoretical point of view the communication between humans, and art and on the other, realize very hands-on projects, which aim to create networks, methods and processes. The theoretical framework reflects the needs and changes in the societies in different times and researches the processes where people create and consume art as individuals and communities. Art is seen as a natural part of human behavior. The hand-on projects bring the theoretical basis to life when producing methods to support the students’ pedagogical professionalism as well as the teachers’ adaptability to changes in working life. These two streams of research intertwine seamlessly in everyday work.

Examples of the hands-on work on Art Education: 

- Circus tours

- Puppet shows

- Forum theatre 

- Documentary theatre performances

- Class room performances

- Dance performances at schools

Members of the research group

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