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Arts, Health and Well-being

Arts, Health and Well-being

The main goal of the research group Arts, Health and Well-being is to apply and refine art-based and multiprofessional approaches and working methods in cooperation with various fields of art, health care, social services and well-being. The theme is considered strategically important regionally in Turku area and nationally in whole Finland. 2015-2018 the research group is leading a nationally remarkable project Taikusydän. Taikusydän is a multisectoral coordination and communication center for activities and research among the broad field of arts, culture and well-being. Its aim is to make arts and culture a permanent part of well-being services. The objective of Taikusydän is to integrate the arts and culture into mainstream health strategy and policy making. In addition, Taikusydän focuses on improving the working possibilities of professional artists and art institutions providing opportunities for artists to develop their practice.

The research group also develops multi professional cooperation and studies in various projects currently going on in Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Photo: Salla Kallio 2013. From the movie Me ystävät hulivilit (Us two Rascals).


Liisa-Maria Lilja-Viherlampi, leader
Marja Susi
Anna-Mari Rosenlöf
Eero Linjama
Uli Kontu-Korhonen
Soili Lehtinen