Page updated 11.1.2019
Professional Sales

Professional Sales

The purpose of the research group is to be active in the field of research which aims at directly improving the competitiveness of local business by increasing their knowledge in the field of sales, procurement and leadership and in the field of innovative technology business. 

Products and services created by correctly led processes must be sold both at the local as well as international level. The research group aims at profiling Finland and especially Southwest Finland as a highly sales-oriented region. A special interest is put on sales and procurement in the field of technologies industry. The research group focuses on increasing knowledge in this field, particularly on the international level.  

A significant part of the total volume of business activities in many fields is created by procurement. This means that it is possible to improve profitability remarkably by well-organized purchases. The competitiveness of businesses is directly dependent on the competitiveness of supply chains and delivery network. The research in this field is looking for answers to the challenges which are caused by the procurement becoming increasingly strategic. One of the sub-areas is, among others, the work connected to evaluating suppliers and the area of responsible procurement. 

In the area of business processes, we focus both on leadership and management. Sales and leadership are, even though different concepts, not very far from each other when it comes to research. We approach the research in the field of process management both through physical processes, such as supply chain management or production process, and through more abstract processes, such as quality process or customer management process.
Research, development and innovation activities take place in cooperation between business life, faculty teaching associates, faculty researchers and students. We aim at increasing multidisciplinary knowledge by acting in the research projects at the interface between engineering and business. 

Focus areas

  • Success factors of B2B sales and development of sales processes at international level 
  • Introducing customer-centricity; creating and  developing profitable customer relationships
  • Understanding value creation, value networks and customer information in business processes
  • Selling financial services
  • Research in supply chain management
  • Developing methods for evaluating suppliers; organizing and category grouping of purchasing
  • Innovative development of import processes
  • Public procurement
  • Developing procurement processes and implementing good practices in procurement
  • Maintaining and developing supplier relationships 
  • International business especially in the field of cultural knowledge, leadership, management, sales and procurement
  • Quality management
  • Industrial service business
  • Increasing entrepreneurial spirit in technology industries and in engineering education