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Well-being and Leadership in Future Work

Well-being and Leadership in Future Work

The Well-being and Leadership in Future Work research group studies changes in work and in working life. It develops innovative solutions and methods in order to enhance administrative, professional and leadership skills involved in modern work.

The research group has studied mobile, multi-locational, virtual and distributed work together with the impacts on well-being, the leadership practices and the workplace solutions these modern types of work have. Based on this, and in addition to providing innovative leadership practices, tools and ways of action, the group has developed models that promote well-being at work and new workplace solutions (physical and virtual) to be used by partner organizations.

Latest publications

Koroma, J., Hyrkkänen, U. & Vartiainen, M. 2014. Looking for People, Places and Connections: Hindrances When Working in Multiple Locations: A Review. New Technology, Work and Employment, Vol. 29, Issue 2, pp. 139–159. July 2014.

Hyrkkänen, U. & Vartiainen. M. 2012. Heart Rate Variability Measurements in Mobile Work. In Eriksson-Backa, K., Luoma, A. & Krook, E. (Eds.) Exploring the Abyss of Inequalities. 4th International Conference on Well-Being in the Information Society, WIS 2012. Communication in Computer and Information Science 313, pp. 3–21. Heidelberg: Springer.

Hyrkkänen, U., Nenonen, S. & Kojo, I. 2012. The Virtual Reality of Work - How to Create a Workplace that Enhances Well-Being for a Mobile Employee. In C. S. Lanyi (ed.) Virtual Reality and Environments, ISBN 978-953-51-0579-4, in Tech, 192–204.

Research group members

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Ursula Hyrkkänen
Markus Forsten (future workspaces)
Johanna Krappe (leadership and well-being at work)
Camilla Laaksonen (development of occupational health and occupational health care services)
Mira Lehti (leadership and well-being at work)
Anttoni Lehto (leadership and well-being at work)
Annukka Myllymäki (interventions enhancing well-being at work)