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Cyber Security and IoT Program (Bachelor of Engineering)

Cyber Security and IoT Program (Bachelor of Engineering)

This bachelor's degree program in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to manage, operate and protect applications and computer systems from cyber security threats in the digital environment. The program offers you versatile opportunities as a future ICT professional. In the studies, you will achieve programming, data protection and security expertise needed in the ICT area as well as insight to digital international business.


In the Cyber Security program, you can study subjects such as programming, information systems, cyber security operations, and data networks. In addition, you will be familiar with technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G.
A Cyber Security engineering graduate has wide and practically oriented fundamental knowledge and skills. The studies will strengthen students’ capabilities to promote life-long learning, their language and communication skills, and prepare them for working in an international environment. Typical entry-level positions of Cyber Security engineering graduates include technology oriented System Administrator, System Tester and Information Security Manager or Responsible or business and management oriented positions in Management, Marketing, technical Sales and Purchase functions.

Structure of the programme

The curriculum consists of basic, professional and optional studies as well as practical training and a Bachelor’s thesis project.

Basic studies contain Basics of ICT, language and communication courses, and coaching in study skills. General professional studies focus mainly on topics such mathematics, physics and advanced communication skills. Mandatory professional studies include also Programming, Basics of Cyber Security and Information Systems. The advanced professional studies and optional studies take place during the third and fourth year including topics such as IoT, Cyber Security Operations and Cyber Security for Networked Systems.

Schedule of the studies

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1. year

  • Computer Sciences (15 ects)
  • General professional studies (30 ects) 
  • Information systems (15 ects)

2. year

  • Programming (15 ects)
  • General professional studies (30 ects)
  • Cyber Security (15 ects)

3. year

  • Internet of Things (15 ects)
  • International Business Management (15 ects)
  • Cyber Security Operations (15 ects)
  • Digital International Business (15 ects)

4. year

  • Cyber Security for Networked Systems (15 ects)
  • Practical Training (30 ects)
  • Bachelor Thesis (15 ects)

Contacts to the industry

The studies take place on Salo IoT Campus, which is a community of companies, scientists and educational institutions. Together these actors are building technologies for a smarter future.

The program has strong connections to the IoT industry in Salo, and provides unique opportunities for students to network and interact with industry contacts during their studies in Salo.