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Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical and Production Engineering

Transfer application, spring 2019

Apply for a transfer to Turku University of Applied Sciences 

You can apply for a transfer to Turku University of Applied Sciences from another higher education institution in Finland. TUAS’ own degree students also apply in the transfer application, if the targeted degree or degree title changes.

The transfer application in spring 2019 takes place on 2–16 May 2019. The study options can be found in Studyinfo ( The application also takes place in Studyinfo. The application form will open once the application period starts. You can fill in only one application and apply for only one study option per application period. 

Please note that all TUAS’ degree programmes are not included in the transfer application.

Among degree programmes conducted in English, Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology, full-time  and  Master of Business Administration, Business Management and  Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business, Online  are included in the transfer application in spring 2019. Other degree programmes included in the transfer application are conducted in Finnish.

In TUAS, the tuition fee is 9000 EUR per academic year for non-EU/EEA students who have started their studies in Bachelor's or Master's degree programmes offered in English on 1 August 2017 or after that. Please read further information on tuition fee, exemption from the fee and scholarship programme here .

Application criteria and instructions

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When considering the transfer, the abilities to continue the studies required by the degree programme and the amount completed credits are taken into account. The selection criteria for transfer are defined for each study option. The range for the number of accepted transfer students and the policy on whether transfer students will be admitted at all are defined for each study option annually.

You can apply, if

  1. You have an ongoing right to study at a higher education institution in Finland
  2. You have studied at least 1 year
  3. You still have term of right to study left
  4. You have progressed in your studies with at least 45 cr/academic year (Bachelor's degrees) and at least 30 cr/academic year (Master’s degrees)
  5. You meet the eligibility criteria defined by the study option (these are stated in Studyinfo by the study option).

The applicants who have advanced the furthest in their studies are given precedence, if they have completed at least 45 cr/academic year (Bachelor’s degrees) or at least 30 cr/academic year (Master’s degrees).

Transfer to a foreign-language degree programme requires sufficient demonstration of language skills.

The credits required for eligibility have to be registered in the transcript of records, which the applicant shall submit at the latest on the last day of the application period by 3 pm to his/hers application form. Study attainments which are recorded later are not taken into account. Free-form justifications are not taken into account.

In addition to the transcript of records, the applicant shall submit a study certificate, which denotes his/her entire history of attendance, to his/hers application form by the end of the application period. 

Please note, that you cannot send the application without required attachments.

Inadequate applications will not be processed. Possible delays/problems with post or with acquiring the documents do not exempt the applicant from the duty to submit the required documents by the deadline. Enclosures which arrive late are not taken into account.

The transfer may only take place between semesters. The right to study of an applicant who has been accepted as a student in the transfer application is transferred to Turku University of Applied Sciences. The right to complete a degree is defined by the degree programme to which the right to study has been received in the transfer. The periods of attendance and absence the student has used for studies on which the transfer is based are also calculated in the time of completing the degree.

Decisions on the student selection of the transfer application in the spring 2019 will be done by 14 June 2019.