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Ilkka Uusitalo

Mr Ilkka Uusitalo

Doctor of Philosophy, Senior Lecturer Phone: +358 50 598 5955 Phone also: +358 05 5985 955 Email: firstname.lastname@turkuamk.fi Group Email: ilkka.uusitalo@turkuamk.fi Location: Joukahaisenkatu 3, 20520 Turku, C-siipi Units: Health and Well-being, Social Services and Education Degree programme: Social Services
Degree: Kasvatustieteen tohtori Competences: Pedagogical competence, Competence in developing organisational operations, Thesis supervision, Guidance competence, Social welfare and health care services, Group supervision, community competence, Child protection, special support to children and youths Research group : SIVISOTE - Development of Child and Family Services and Management
Office: Joukahaisenkatu 3, 20520 Turku, C-siipi