Page updated 22.9.2017

Excellence Centers – what are they?

Excellence Centers are a new network about to be launched. It puts together and develops the education, RDI activities and services for business of TUAS. Our operations are multidisciplinary and transcend unit boundaries. The Excellence Centers look for solutions for different challenges in working life.

In our operations, we utilize Innopeda-based learning, which combines learning with applied research, development and innovation activities. The operations of the Excellence Centers shows as different projects, which provide information and competence to support the business life in Southwest Finland. Our research groups play a central part in the Excellence Centers.

Launched Excellence Centers (EC)

  • Circular Economy EC
  • Digitalization EC
  • Entrepreneurship EC
  • Health Promotion EC
  • Sales EC
  • Simulation EC
  • Social Inclusion EC
  • Wellbeing Systems and Services EC / Social and Healthcare Systems EC

In addition, seven other Excellence Centers will be launched in 2016–2017. These are based on our areas of competence:

  • Maritime EC
  • Art EC

How can we help you or your company?

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The Excellence Centers offer:

  • Trainings by our experts: from one-day expert seminars to long-term trainings
  • Applied research / projects: practical experiences and the latest knowledge for the challenges in working life
  • Conceptualized products and services

Interested? Please contact the leaders of the Excellence Centers and ask for more information!

You can get to know the activities of the Excellence Centers at their own websites to be opened here.