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Business, ICT and Chemical Engineering

Business, ICT and Chemical Engineering

The Faculty of Business, ICT and Chemical Engineering offers Bachelor’s degrees in engineering and business administration in Turku and Salo. Students can also complete a Master’s degree. In addition to full-time studies, the faculty provides also part-time studies. continuing education offers an opportunity to maintain and develop professional skills.

Innovation pedagogy is integral to all of our operations. It is based on experimental learning, the sharing of information and competence and the combination of various perspectives. Innovation pedagogy aims to improve students’ innovation abilities by combining teaching, research and development with collaboration with business and industry.

We develop our operations in line with the international CDIO framework ( We focus on teaching in small groups, providing students with the practical knowledge and skills needed in working life, in addition to theoretical knowledge.

Research, development and innovation (RDI) activities are an important part of our collaboration with businesses and communities.  Our RDI projects enable students to familiarise themselves with their future professional field and engage in multidisciplinary collaboration with project partners. Learn more about our RDI activities through project search.

Degree programmes

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The Faculty of Business, ICT and Chemical Engineering offers higher education in following degree programmes:

Degree programmes conducted in Finnish

Bachelor's degree programmes:

  • Business Administration (Turku)
  • Business Administration (Salo)
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Library and Information Services 
  • Process and Material Technology

Former degree programmes:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Information Technology

Master's degree programmes:

  • Library and Information Services
  • Technology Competence Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Competence

Degree Programmes conducted in English

  • Information Technology (Bachelor's degree)
  • International Business (Bachelor's degree)
  • International Business Management (Master’s degree)

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