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Page updated 2.2.2021

Sustainable development at Turku UAS

Through the Climate Plan 2029 of the City of Turku, we are committed to achieving the climate-related goals of our region.

We promote sustainable development in terms of ecological, social and economic sustainability. A climate plan guides our activities in practice.

The spearheads of our climate programme are

  • the development of education to promote climate knowledge and information on, skills in and attitudes to sustainable development
  • directing the research, development and innovation activities to projects which curb climate change and promote sustainable development
  • improving our activities and developing joint methods for e.g., calculating the carbon footprint and improving our carbon handprint


Sustainable development in our activities


We have cut the amount of our facilities and this way decreased e.g., our energy consumption. The use of our facilities has decreased to almost a half (45%) between 2015 and 2020. In addition to more efficient square meters, our new facilities are more energy-efficient than the previous ones. 
On our campus area, we try to support a sustainable way of life e.g., with sustainable energy, food and commuting solutions. 

Food and catering on campus

We aim at sustainable choices in terms of food. We develop circulation and compensation in cooperation with the restaurant companies operating on the campuses. The catering for the meetings etc. is primarily selected based on their climate-friendliness and fairness. This means that we serve vegetarian and vegan food increasingly at our events.  We prefer products with a Fairtrade certificate. 


We encourage using bicycle and pedestrian traffic and public transport. 

When renewing our fleet of cars, we prefer electric cars. 

We utilize electronic devices in our meetings efficiently and travel only when it is necessary.

Programme for sustainable development and responsibility

Get to know our Programme for sustainable development and responsibility – commitments and measures to achieve the goals.

The Programme for sustainable development and responsibility of Turku University of Applied Sciences (Pdf)


Our aim is to provide basic knowledge of sustainable development to our entire community, both students and staff. 

Basic knowledge and skills on sustainable development and climate understanding are ensured for all our students. In addition, students familiarize themselves with the topic from the perspective of their field of study.

We offer training in sustainable development for our staff as a part of our internal staff development


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