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Page updated 11.3.2014

Double Degree possible at TUAS

Constantino Miguelez came to Finland in 2009 has really liked his stay in the North. Originally, he came only for one year but expert teachers and practical learning methods have made him stay longer.

Early this year he finalized his Thesis with his instructor Yngwar Wiksröm. The study titles “Evaluation of Micro-Power Plant Using solar Cells”.  Right now he dreams about a job in Finland but another goal is to go on with Master’ Degree at TUAS.

 – I came to Finland as an Erasmus student for two semesters 2009-2010. Even before that I had heard about the Finnish high-quality education.  Other Erasmus students had also told positive things about Finland and Turku, tells Constantino “Tino” Miguelez about his reasons for coming to Turku.

After the first year, he decided to go on with the studies in Finland with the aim getting a Double Degree. The contract the Spanish home university and the Electronics Program at TUAS made this possible.

 – In Turku I have taken courses in Electronics as well as in IT and my special interest areas have been Analogic Electronis and Embedded Systems, continues Tino.

The practical teaching and learning methods used in Turku motivate Tino:

 – When students can try and test from the very beginning, they can be genuinely creative. I believe these degrees give me a good bounce to working life, he goes on.

What is a Double Degree?

 The international Double Degree is one form of co-operation between TUAS and one or several foreign partner universities. The idea is that the student studies the agreed amount of courses abroad at the partner university and then gains the degree from both sending and receiving institutions.

 The Information Technology and Electronics degree programs at TUAS take work actively  in European partner networks which then gives more opportunities to take a Double Degree

 – The important Double Degree partners include e.g. Carpe-partner HAW-Hamburg in Germany, Politechnico de Coimbra in Portugal , Universite Tours in France and Universidad de Burgos in Spain , lists Anne Räikka, the International  Coordinator in the faculty of Business, ICT and Life Sciences.

We are also negotiating new Double Degree contracts for Business students e.g. with Politecnico de Valencia. Also Finnish students are interested in getting a Double Degree.