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Page updated 26.8.2019

Studying has never been easier with TUAS BBA in International Business online Degree

The world is rapidly changing and becoming more diverse and interdependent. This means that the skills required to be able to navigate in today’s world are changing as well.

Do you want to get a Bachelor‘s degree in a flexible way, update your skills on Digital Business, Digital Marketing, Business English and become an expert on digital skills without even leaving your house,? If yes, then have a special offer for you. Meet the Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business Online program.

Study without leaving your room

The International Business Online programme provides a new and interactive way of acquiring a BBA in International Business online Degree. It consists of basic and professional studies. The basic studies will help students develop their understanding of the key business functions and the dynamics of market and organization. Professional studies, on the other hand, are structured to provide both a general education in international business and practical training in projects. The final point is the Bachelor’s thesis, in which students will deepen their knowledge within an industry of their interest.

International students

Turku University of Applied Sciences ensures students an international staff, which is to provide them with learning convenience. Right now most of the students in Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business Online are people who want to get a second degree but also people who want to get their first degree. You can also find people who are looking for a career in Finland. The students are from Finland and European countries mostly, but we also have representatives of Asia or South America.

The work of BBA in International Business online Degree teachers is based on a framework, which creates a balanced implementation of pedagogy, technology and content. All teachers who are taking part in the programme are trained in online pedagogy and they provide the best possible guidance for collaborative and independent study in a fully online environment. Students will work both in small groups, and independently. They will be meeting teachers online regularly and get full access to all technical tools and online study resources provided and supported by TUAS and IB Online. Students also learn how to use online platforms in everyday life. They keep in touch with the teacher and each other via Skype or Microsoft Teams.

What do students have to say about their studies?

The International Business Online programme offers a practical approach to learning and a flexible way of acquiring a BBA around the schedule. This innovative programme utilizes an online learning environment, with resources and course materials readily available at the click of a mouse. Using digital tools of the trade regularly prepares for tomorrow’s positions, while the integration of digital communications develops skills for global work. Gain experience by working on projects with an international network of students from around the world and get guidance from teachers with various backgrounds in the field, specially trained in online pedagogy. Studying online expands our horizons into the world of business beyond our desk and routine” says Design Zilliacus from Southern California – a 3rd year student of BBA In international Business Online.

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