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Page updated 9.10.2020

Turku Sales Week - who wins the title of the best seller?

Welcome to participate in Turku Sales Week and to hear about the latest trends in sales! All the activities of the Turku Sales Week are organized online.

A one-week Turku Sales Week begins on Monday 16th November with the qualifying rounds of the 15th Turku Sales Competition (TSC). The competition is organized online for the 2nd time due to the current situation. The participants of the competition consist of Turku UAS’ students, exchange students and visitors from partner universities. The TSC is held in English.

Wednesday is the Sales Day (MyyntiAkatemia) where the sales experts take the floor and share the latest trends in sales.

The Turku Sales Week ends with the Best Virtual Seller competition, where the Finnish students compete of the title of the best virtual seller for the 2nd time.

We are looking for judges for the Turku Sales Competition and for the Best Virtual Seller competition. Please register via the link below!

Register for the Turku Sales Week  by 15.11.2020

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