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Page updated 13.11.2020

The joint application results of autumn 2020 available

The results of the admissions through joint application in autumn 2020 have been published for Turku UAS. All UAS’ results are published by 27 November at the latest.

You can check your status in Studyinfo. The study place shall be confirmed at the latest by 4 December at 15:00. You may have to wait until 27 November to be able to confirm the study place if you have been accepted in a lower preference and are on the waiting list for a higher preference. Accepting students from the waiting list will end at the latest on 15 December. The studies will begin in January 2021. If you have received a study place, get to know the instructions for new students.  

In the joint application this autumn, Turku UAS offered over 600 study places in the degree programmes leading to both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. In total, over 8 600 applicants sought a study place at Turku UAS. In the joint application period of the autumn, two English-language degree programmes were offered: Business Management and Sales Management, both leading to an MBA degree. 

Congratulations to all new students!

Did you not receive a study place?

It is still possible to start studying in January: the path studies offered by Turku UAS’ Open Studies provide the opportunity to complete the first-year studies together with degree students. Upon having completed enough credits, you can apply as a degree student through the so-called Open Studies path admission. Studies at Open UAS are subject to charge.

The application to path studies starting in January takes place on 24 November – 4 December 2020. Get to know the path studies in more detail.

The next joint application period is the first joint application of the spring, 7–20 January 2021. Five English-language degree programmes are offered in the joint application in January. Application to Finnish-language degree programmes takes place in the second joint application of the spring, 17–31 March 2021. The studies start in autumn 2021. Get to know the degree programmes here.