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Page updated 22.1.2021

Higher education institutions’ first joint application period of the year has ended

The first joint application of spring 2021 ended on Wednesday 20 January. Turku University of Applied Sciences offered five degree programmes in the joint application. We received altogether 880 applications to the degree programmes in question.

In the first joint application, the English-language degree programmes were applied for. The most popular degree programme at Turku UAS was Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business Online. The degree programme received applications from altogether 358 applicants, of which 217 had completed their prior education in Finland and 141 abroad.

Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communications Technology was the degree programme to receive the second most applications. The programme attracted altogether 335 applicants, of which the majority, 181, applied to the study option for those with foreign prior education .

The three Master’s degree programmes offered by Turku University of Applied Sciences in the joint application received altogether 187 applications. Most of the applicants applied for the degree programme Master of Business Administration, Service Design. The new Master’s degree programme, Master of Engineering, Industrial Quality Management Online attracted a good number of applicants (63).

In the degree programmes included in the joint application, Turku University of Applied Sciences offered altogether 135 study places, of which 70 in Bachelor’s degree programmes and 65 in Master’s degree programmes.

Students are mainly selected based on certificates, entrance examinations or the international SAT test which measures their abilities to study for a higher education degree. Possible entrance examinations will be organized in February–April. The admission results will be published by 4 June, and the study place shall be confirmed at the latest by 16 July at 15:00. The studies will start in autumn 2021. See the timetable for joint application here.

Starting from 2020, the joint application to higher education institutions in the spring has been divided in two separate joint application periods. In the first joint application of the spring, you can apply for the higher education institutions’ foreign-language degree programmes starting in the autumn and to the degree programmes at Uniarts Helsinki. This year, the second application period of the spring will take place 17–31 March 2021, to Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes conducted in Finnish and Swedish starting in the autumn. Get to know all English-language degree programmes here