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Page updated 12.2.2021

Sales skills to be tested in the sales competitions this spring

Sales competitions are convincing sales coaching situations. Students get to put their sales skills to the test in the spring in altogether six different sales competitions.

The cornerstone of sales is understanding the customer’s needs. In the competition’s buyer–seller role-play, the focus is on the evaluation of creating a good reciprocity, listening to the customer, and how well the solution presented responds to the needs of the customer. 

At Turku UAS, every competition involves student coaching and training, usually as a part of a course.  

Six different sales competitions in the spring

The first sales competition in Salo (SMK) will take place on 30 March, when 22 Bachelor of Business Administration students from Salo IoT Campus compete in Finnish in the online sales competition organized by Turku UAS. 
On 8 and 9 April, Turku UAS will organize the Best Virtual Seller sales competition. The online competition, now arranged for the third time, is organized in three stages. 35 Bachelor of Business Administration students from Turku UAS will participate. The competition will take place in Finnish. 

The national Best Seller competition will be arranged on 8 and 15 April. Six students from Turku UAS will compete over the national Best Seller title in the online competition. The competition is arranged in Finnish, and altogether 24 competitors from four higher education institutions will participate. 

Turku Sales Competition , now arranged for the 16th time, will be organized online on 12–13 April. Almost 40 Sales Semester students and international guests will participate in this sales competition, which has grown into an international event. This online competition is arranged in English.

25 BBA students, who specialize in financial services, will compete in the Expert Sales Competition in April. This competition combines expertise and sales skills, and it is topped off with the final, which takes place on 22 April. This online competition is arranged in Finnish.

Sales can be practiced in an intercontinental context on 3–5 March 2021, when the South-East Asian Sales Competition SEASAC2021 Online Edition takes place. Almost 100 contestants from several South-East Asian countries and three European countries will participate in this invitational, which takes place in English. The Erasmus+ project coordinated by Turku UAS will arrange the competition.

In Autumn 2021, Turku UAS will arrange the European Sales Competition

Would you like to join in? Please contact timo.holopainen@turkuamk.fi or sanna.vauranoja@turkuamk.fi.