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Page updated 29.3.2021

Hop in on a virtual tour of the EduCity laboratories!

Brand new engineering laboratory facilities are located on the basement floor of EduCity. The facilities are intended for e.g., organizing teaching and for the work of students and staff.

The new laboratories are utilized by Turku UAS in teaching and serve the business life in the region. For example, the building acoustics laboratory serves companies which want to study the acoustic qualities of building products, furniture, materials, machines and devices, such as sound insulation and noise emission levels.

Hop in on a 360° virtual tour of EduCity here!

Heat and Flow Technology Lab

A laboratory suitable for the teaching of heat and flow technology. The room provides the opportunity for cold tests and different measurements. The laboratory equipment includes e.g., a wind tunnel, a wind turbine, a heat pump and a freezer room. 

Pump Technology Lab

A laboratory suitable for the teaching of pump technology, equipped with fixed pumping systems and a model basin. 

Engine and Powertrain Lab

A laboratory suitable for emission measurements and performance tests of powertrains. The laboratory offers a space for conducting emission and performance tests, optimization runs and studies which support product development. 

Proto Workshop

A laboratory suitable for manufacturing prototypes from soft materials, such as wood and plastic.

Physics Lab

The laboratory suitable for teaching physics also provides a space for organizing presentations and activity days for students. The laboratory equipment includes observation aids and legobots. 

Welding Technology Lab

A laboratory suitable for teaching the basics of welding technology, where development tasks and experiments related to basic welding can be carried out. The room features MIC/MAC welding equipment and a collaborative robot. 

Fabrication Lab

A laboratory suitable for teaching the basics of fabrication technology. Development tasks and experiments related to fabrication technology and inbound logistics are carried out in the room. 

Virtual Design Lab

The virtual design laboratory of the Technology Industry plays an important part at the different stages of the digital product process. The laboratory is equipped with modern technology e.g., for design reviews, remote programming of machining and robots, and the different stages of prototyping in the form of additive manufacturing and 3D scanning.

Vehicle Lab

The vehicle laboratory works both as a learning environment and an automotive engineering laboratory in research projects and service activities. In the vehicle lab, students learn how to use the most general automotive engineering measuring devices and to interpret the obtained results.
In the lab, students also learn about the measurement methods and measuring devices applied in motor vehicle inspection and documenting the measurements and their results. In addition, they learn customer-oriented, safe, and environmentally responsible ways of working. The vehicle lab produces different measurement services for motorists and operators in the automotive industry. The services provided include emission measurements, reading defect codes, power measurements, speedometer checks, air conditioner maintenance and tyre changing services.  

New Energy Lab

The laboratory focuses e.g., on solar electricity, wind power, bioenergy, heat pumps and energy management systems and battery energy storages. The laboratory services include e.g., mechanical testing of solar panels, climatic testing, measuring the quality of electricity and energy auditing.

Water and Environmental Engineering Lab

The research group in Water and Environmental Engineering offers a versatile selection of different research and development services. For example, we carry out commissions related to the development and planning of water conservation solutions and water quality measurement and sampling services. The research group is also specialized in monitoring the ecological condition of water bodies and mapping aquatic organisms. The group utilizes a large supply of equipment related to monitoring the status of water bodies and rents out this equipment to external parties.

Civil Engineering Lab

Testing of concrete and conducting soil tests and weathering action tests, for example, can be performed in the civil engineering laboratory. The laboratory services are also offered to construction companies, managers of residential properties and private individuals. 

Acoustics Lab

The laboratory offers testing and consultation services for the needs of construction. Publicly funded scientific research projects are also carried out in the lab. On a national scale, the laboratory features very extensive and versatile facilities. The EduCity premises contain five reverberation chambers.