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Page updated 26.4.2021

Evanthia Sakellari supports mental health promotion

Evanthia Sakellari, Assistant Professor of the Department of Public and Community Health at University of West Attica, Greece, has been nominated as Turku UAS Fellow for a five-year position starting on April 1st, 2021.

Assistant Professor Evanthia Sakellari will work in the research group of Mental Health Promotion (MHP) at the Faculty of Health and Well-being. She has acted for many years as a partner in several research and development project preparations and in the implementation of the MHP research group. She has also very actively collaborated within the international fairs between Turku University of Applied Sciences and the University of West Attica.

Photo of Evanthia Sakellari

As a fellow in the MHP research group, Sakellari will be involved in project development and implementation, publishing, and promoting the international contacts of the MHP research group. In addition, she will support the inclusion of research and development into education. 

She will also support the exchange of knowledge, students, teachers and other staff between Turku UAS and the University of West Attica, as well as bring a solid international perspective into the research group and beyond. Sakellari will support health and wellbeing education at Turku UAS by acting as an international authority of public and community health education.

– Evanthia Sakellari has shown excellent expertise in mental health promotion. We are very happy to start this new collaboration form with her. She will bring a lot of new ideas and knowledge to MHP research group. I am sure, we will have fruitful and successful years ahead of us, says Mari Lahti, Principal Lecturer and Research Group Leader of MHP.

Sakellari: Why cooperation is important for teaching as well as research?

Cooperation is essential for improvements in teaching as well as research. Teachers can provide better quality in their education by learning from each other and sharing the ideas that can promote further developments. 

Cooperation among teachers and researchers with different background and expertise as well as experiences, contributes to the processes in advancing further knowledge production through research but also education. Cooperation can help in developing and design thinking, analyse ideas, promote problem solving and exploring within research efforts and evaluating different aspects in teaching. 

All of us can play a role in this and cooperation beyond the borders of countries and disciplines. 

About Turku UAS’ Fellow Programme

Turku UAS Fellows is a programme  aimed at invited experts at Turku University of Applied Sciences. The programme fosters and extends our collaboration network globally and brings added value to Turku UAS RDI activities. 

The first invited experts started in the Turku UAS Fellow scheme in 2016. Each Fellow participates in the scheme for a period of five years, after which the membership may be renewed.