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27.6.2016 | Turku UAS

Tender and strong hands – and feet firmly on the ground

If you want to meet a woman whose built-in qualities include quick decision-making and responsibility, you should meet a midwife. A strong professional identity and knowing all colours in the spectrum of life are discernible in the midwives who studied a degree in the field 50 years ago.
16.6.2016 | Events

The 12th International CDIO Conference started with great enthusiasm

The international CDIO Conference in Turku was held in sunny Turku. It is clear that engineering educators involved in the conference got many new ideas and elements to develop the education in their home countries in future, at least judging by the discussions you heard in the corridors.
1.6.2016 | Training and Services

Guests from Tianjin University of Technology were impressed by sunny Turku

In mid-May, TUAS received guests from Tianjin University of Technology, China. The visit was related to the university’s new Bachelor-level degree programme on Entrepreneurship, in which they want to include international competence as a central part.
31.5.2016 | Turku UAS

Dietrich paddles in a riptide of studies and sports

Sprint canoeist Miika Dietrich is both a top athlete and a student. It’s not the easiest of combinations, especially with travelling days taking up half the year.
26.5.2016 | Turku UAS

Dr. Rissanen addresses education possibilities and global awareness

Dr. Riitta Rissanen is Executive Director of the Rectors' Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences, Arene. She will now participate in the CDIO conference for the first time.
25.5.2016 | Turku UAS

On a teacher’s identity and mathematics

When Raija Tuohi was a little girl, she wanted to be a hairdresser. However, luckily for hundreds, maybe thousands of engineering students, she ended up studying mathematics and started to teach. She got her PhD before turning 30 and did a lot of temporary work before finding something more permanent at TUAS in the end of the 1970s.
11.5.2016 | Turku UAS

Getting to know Finnish working life

In the beginning of April, journalist Bahaulddin Rawi visited TUAS to get to know Finnish working life. You can read his thoughts on the week below.
10.5.2016 | Studies

Mohamed El-Fatatry is a student and a startup-entrepreneur

Mohamed el-Fatatry has lived for over 10 years in Finland. It was the year 2014 when he started to study in Turku University of Applied Sciences, to be precis in International Business Degree Programme. For him Turku University of Applied Sciences appeared as a flexible organization, full of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial.
18.4.2016 | Turku UAS

About excellent customer service

The description of the degree programme says it: as an actor in the field of library and information services, you have to be curious and active, try to find and experiment with new methods of operation, and have the courage to network multiprofessionally and -culturally. Yes. This is how the people at TUAS’ libraries work.
7.4.2016 | Training and Services

Gee is the first Talent

Enthusiastic, energetic, productive, organized and cooperative – is that you? This is how food giant Nestlé, which also operates in Turku, looked for a student in their field to join them and grow along with the studies. The Talent programme provides the student with a summer job and many opportunities straight away.
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