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20.11.2018 | Research, Development and Innovation

Education and its structures must be reformed – new publication tells us how to do it

Working life demands renewal of education. The renewal of education requires a reform of structures, actions and attitudes of educational institutions. The new publication by Turku University of Applied Sciences sheds light on what kind of a cross cutting policy facilitates the change in educational organizations.
28.6.2018 | Research, Development and Innovation

New handbook inspires to multiprofessional work

Are you interested in collaboration in the interfaces between arts and culture and social or youth work? Interprofessional collaboration offers new ways to reach customers and meet their needs. TUAS has published a handbook for multiprofessional work and related training particularly in the fields of arts and social work.
16.5.2018 | Research, Development and Innovation

International cooperation in sales engineering

The Academic Association of Sales Engineering (AASE) is an international organization for sales engineering education, research and awareness that consists of experts from 22 higher education institutions. The experts of Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) have been members of AASE since 2014.
10.4.2018 | Research, Development and Innovation

Clothes as service: CaaS-hackathon searches methods to revolutionize business of the textile industry

What if you could purchase your clothes as a service? students got to delve into this question in a CaaS-hackathon organized in March, where students brainstormed turning the business of the textile industry on its head. Students developed among other things a shared wardrobe and a rental and swapping service for home textiles.
19.12.2017 | Research, Development and Innovation

CARPE Conference 2017 in Hamburg - joint project proposals and teacher network development

The biennial conference of the international CARPE network was organized on 15–17 November 2017 in Hamburg under the theme of "Let’s Talk about Impact – Fostering Collaboration in Research, Innovation and Education".
7.11.2017 | Research, Development and Innovation

Promoting the development of plastic waste collection and recycling system

Every year, approximately 10 000–20 000 tons of agricultural plastic waste is created in Finland. Only a fraction ends up being recycled, which is why a project focusing on the plastic waste collection and utilization serves a purpose.
10.10.2017 | Research, Development and Innovation

TUAS became a member of a worldwide, highly recognized circular economy network Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Turku University of Applied Sciences has been invited to become a member of a worldwide, highly recognized circular economy network Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The membership will lead TUAS together with the focal international operators in the field.
22.11.2016 | Research, Development and Innovation

European champion in research on wireless data transfer

How’s that sound? TUAS’ research group is one of the recent recipients of a prize awarded by the EU, worth half a million euros. The project brainstormed in cooperation with partners has led to the best research on wireless data transfer in Europe. Some of you probably already know the address: the Radio Lab at ICT City, C-wing, 2nd floor.
5.6.2015 | Research, Development and Innovation

Towards a better world through checkout

Hundreds of different labels and certificates tell us how food, a piece of clothing or cosmetics have been produced. The frog symbol, the leaf symbol, the ladybug symbol and many others tell about the products and aim to influence our choices. A research group at TUAS found out how these labels direct customers towards a more responsible world.
2.6.2015 | Research, Development and Innovation

Creative activity helps the brain age vividly

Ageing is inevitable. Even though we live longer than before and are in better shape, we might get a memory disorder. The Active Ageing research group at Turku University of Applied Sciences produces information and models for functional ageing. Each and every one of us can grow old wisely and creatively.
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