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Page updated 25.8.2022
Experimentarium #3

Experimentarium #3

Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences
Sigyn Hall, Linnankatu 60, 20100Turku

29.09.2022 - 30.09.2022

Conference program 

Times indicated in the Finnish time zone = GMT+3 

Thursday, September 29th 2022 

13:00-14:00 Registration on location, online participants can follow stream with videos from previous events from NTM 2.0 

14:00-14:10 Musical performance on LoLa, with Arttu Rappu, Turku and Kimmo Nyyssönen, Tampere, music on classical guitar by Fernando Sor and Astor Piazzolla 
14:10-15:10: Presentation: Online Learning in Music Education from novice to elite – first experiences and take aways from an ongoing 2½ year research and development project with Prof. Rikke Örngren, and Sara Paasch Knudsen, Research assistant 
15:10-15:30: Break 
15:30-15:50: Presentation: MUSE Project by Sami Sallinen, Jyväskylä UAS 
15:50-16:50: Workshop on Multicamera on Teaching, using low threshold applications: Zoom and OBS, by Juha Kujanpää, Jyväskylä UAS  
16:50-17:20: Break 

17:20-18:00: Musical performance with composer himself, Wayne Siegel, Two Hands (not clapping) for solo performer and motion-tracking system (2009), RAMA, Aalborg 


Friday, September 30th 2022 

10:00-10:45: Demonstration: Low-Latency 3D Capture for Holographic Presence, research project of an inclusive immersive video solution with Dr. Nicolas Pope and Sebastian Hahta, Research assistant from the University of Turku 
10:45-11:30: Presentation: The Role of Musician in Health Care Settings - Combining Zoom and Sonobus for interactive work with elderly people, with Lecturer Uli Kontu-Korhonen, Turku UAS
11:30-12:00: Break 
12:00-12:45: Presentation: HyFlex curriculum design by Professor Jim Daus Hjernøe. HyFlex learning (flexibility in hybrid) is a singer-centered model that integrates three components: learning-in-a-room together, online sessions and asynchronous content delivery. RAMA, Aalborg
12:45-13:45: Lunch break 
13:45-14:30: Demonstration: Opportunities on Distance Producing with Jussi Tuohino, Oulu UAS and Henrik Winthereik, RAMA, live session between Turku and Aalborg
14:30-15:00: Demonstration: Music with “Uncle Henrik”, with Henrik Winthereik, RAMA, Aalborg
15:00-15:30: Break 
15:30-16:45: Round-Table Discussion: How will music professionals embrace the future. Hosts: Dario Dorner in Turku and Henrik Winthereik in Aalborg, with international specialists: Matti Ruippo, Samuel Raunio, Astrid Elbek and Mai Soon Young Øvlisen. The audience has an opportunity to make questions to the panelists.

16:45-17:00: Wrap up with Professor Jim Daus Hjernøe, RAMA / Aalborg and the NTM 2.0 Project coordinator, Principal Lecturer, Timo Korhonen, Turku UAS  



Performers and presenters


Arttu Rappu is 21 years old classical guitarist, who studies studies the classical guitar and music pedagogy at the Arts Academy of Turku UAS.


Kimmo Nyyssönen is electric guitar and bass teacher, sound engineer and producer based in Tampere. He studied classical guitar as a minor over a decade ago at Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences and is now a second-year classical guitar student at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.


Prof. Rikke Ørngreen lead the Research Center for VidEO, University of Aalborg. The research centre investigates the ecologies of the development and use of video conferences and video-based productions in organizational and educational learning contexts. The centre has adopted a pragmatic approach where companies, researchers and students collaborate in understanding, identifying and creating excellent ways to facilitate collaboration and learning situations that connect via digital video conferences and video productions. 

Professor Ørngreen will present about her research on methods, processes and tools that support the design, organization, implementation and evaluation of IT-supported learning and organizational change. She has a particular interest in theory-practice connections in vocational, professional and university education, and specifically in digital video activities. 


Sami Sallinen currently works as a senior lecturer, program coordinator and project specialist at Jamk University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä, Finland. He has been involved in several projects, researching the possibilities of e-learning, gamification, and digital pedagogy. He currently specialises in exploring, testing, and developing technological and pedagogical remote solutions for music teachers, performers and creators.


Juha Kujanpää is a teacher, musician and composer, who operates between folk music, jazz and rock. He is releasing his fourth instrumental album under his name later in 2022. Kujanpää is teaching pop/jazz piano in JAMK in Jyväskylä, Finland. He is also part of the MUSE project, testing and comparing solutions for distance music education.


Composer Wayne Siegel, through his long career has always looked at unexplored paths. At the event Siegel will perform his own music. 

Siegel’s vast list of works include orchestral music, opera, works with live electronics, chamber music, electronic music, vocal music and sound installations.

 In 1986 Siegel was appointed director of the newly founded national electronic music center, DIEM (The Danish Institute of Electroacoustic Music) in Aarhus. In 2003 DIEM became part of The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, and Siegel was appointed professor of electronic music. Siegel continued his research and activity in the area of interactive music, concentrating on motion-control of sound and music. In 2013 he was awarded a life-long artist’s stipend from the Danish Ministry of Culture for outstanding artistic achievement. 


Dr. Nicolas Pope has been leading the development at the University of Turku of a live 3D video streaming platform, as part of an Academy of Finland project. The research is investigating the technology’s impact upon the social climate for elementary school children. Since doing his PhD in the UK in 2011, he has been exploring various radical educational technologies, alongside work as a Senior Software Engineer at a private company creating web applications.


Master of Music Uli Kontu-Korhonen works in the Degree Programme in Music at Turku UAS Arts Academy, where she teaches early music ensembles ja music for health care settings. She also involves in in the pedagogical core team in the Master School programme in Creative Wellbeing. Uli works as a performing artist and specialise in performing medieval European music. In addition to singing, she plays several medieval instruments, organetto, dulcimer and symphony.


Jim Daus Hjernøe is a danish professor of Jazz/Pop Choir Directing at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark (RAMA). Jim heads up the RAMA Vocal Center, recognised internationally as the leading innovation centre within the field. Since 2002 his focus has been on improvisational vocal art, developing the innovative Vocal Painting (VOPA) technique, which forms part of his revolutionary methodology, The Intelligent Choir (TIC). TIC sprung from Jim’s musical philosophy: to train choir leaders to inspire their singers to take initiative and share responsibility in the musical process through co-creation.


Jussi Tuohino is responsible of the music technology studies in Music Pedagogy curriculum in the Media and Performing Arts department at Oulu University of Applied Sciences. In addition to teaching of his main subject, he works in many national and international RDI projects, commonly in which new emerging digital technologies are researched in relation to the performing arts. Distance learning and remote collaboration in music is one of the themes he has the most professional expertise in.


Henrik Mathorne Winthereik is experienced performer & vocalist with a focus on songwriting & expression. Studying at RAMA MA1, as a vocalist. Releasing 1. single as an artist the 7.th of october. Developing “Uncle Henrik” a material for music in the Groundschool/Kindergarten with room for development. Professional debut in the musical “Robin Hood” at Folketeatret Cph. in 2003, since then performing more than 2500 shows as soloist, ensemble, bands and choirs. Teaching since 2014.


Dario Dorner studied both performing music in Italy and music pedagogy in Finland and is currently doing his master degree in classical guitar with composition as his minor. Since the beginning of his studies he showed great interest in scientific research in the broad field of music, working as a lector on publications by prof Alberto Fassone and following his curiosity in a few self-produced podcast episodes on the “Arts and future” podcast.
During his studies in Finland with Timo Korhonen he became member of NTM and took on the role as student representative of the project.


Mr. Matti Ruippo has led Degree Programme in TAMK Music, Music Technology Pedagogy since 2004. Besides technological topics he teaches music education technology, mobile music learning, inclusive music technology and web-based music teaching. Mr. Ruippo is the pioneer of music education technology in Finland. He has started his career in the end of 1980’s. He has led music technology curriculum work in the National Board of Education. He was the chair of International Society for Music Education (ISME) Music Technology Special Interest Group and a member of AEC–SMS Working Group: Teacher Education in the Digital Age. Furthermore, he has worked as a teacher trainer and organized national music technology pedagogy seminars in Finland for over two decades.


Mr. Samuel Raunio works as Head of Education and Research in the Degree Programme of Film and Media at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Mr. Raunio has worked also in Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Turku) and in University of Jyväskylä. Mr. Raunio leads (with mrs. Riina Kotilainen) the group “Creative sectors” in The Southwest Finland Foresight Academy (Ennakointiakatemia in Finnish). Ennakointiakatemia works to bring together the resources available for forecasting and foreseeing the regional competence and educational needs in Southwest Finland area.


Astrid Elbek is a musician, teacher and facilitator. She is the Head of studies, Master in Music Pedagogical Development at Rhythmic Music Conservatory, in collaboration with The Royal Danish Academy of Music, VIA University College and University College Copenhagen. She is the Board Leader of Voxhall Foundation (www.fondenvoxhall.dk), Head of steering group, at the Music City Aarhus (www.musiccityaarhus.dk). From 1990 - 2019 Astrid worked as Assoc. Prof. at RAMA with a primary focus on educational development.


Mai Soon Young Øvlisen is a composer, musician and lead in the Danish-Korean band Meejah. Meejah was nominated for Hope of the Year at the Danish Music Critics Award, Steppeulven 2022, and the band interprets transnational identity, Nordic melancholia and Korean taoism. Mai has also been a teacher in Music Management at Den Rytmiske Højskole since 2016, and she does courses in inner artist-work based on Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. She is also a festival creator - and has worked as Head of Press for major festivals in Denmark.


Timo Korhonen is the Project coordinator of the New Time Music 2.0. He is an international performer, winner of Cannes Classical Award as recording artist, educator and pedagogical developer. He has performed over 30 countries and premiered over 70 works written for him by composers to mention Leo Brouwer, Toshio Hosokawa and Magnus Lindberg. He works as Principal Lecturer and Master School Responsible Teacher at the Arts Academy of Turku UAS.


New Time Music 2.0 project
Cherish art by using technology

The purpose of Nord+ funded New Time Music 2.0 project was to enhance collaboration, curriculum innovation, distant and blended learning and blended earning for the music professionals. For NTM 2.0 the technology is in service of art, pedagogy and job opportunities. 

Now the project has reached its end and it is time to look at future, what is ahead of us, did we learn something from emergency distance learning, what should be developed further, do the curricula on HE in music answer the needs of the working life, how does the future for young music professionals look like. The event will be organized simultaneously on-site in Turku and Aalborg as well online.


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