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Communications Leader Satu Haapala, tel. 050 5985 634, satu.haapala(a), Student Union TUO and Students' cooperative Noxit Group
Lemminkäisenkatu 30, 20520TURKU

The inner courtyard on the B-side of Lemppari, B-Stage and the other premises on the B-side
05.09.2019 klo 14:00 - 16:00

A kangaroo eating marshmallows, wearing overalls, sneakers and a feather boa?

That’s #TUASopening 2019!

Welcome to open the new academic year as a community – All students, staff members, alumni and partners are welcome!

The programme includes short speeches and activities under the theme Lemppari.

  • Get to know the new premises in Lemppari, and get a taste of the new building on Kupittaa campus! 
  • Hear stories from our alumni on how they have advanced in working life. Who is your favourite speaker?
  • Get to try out Tuudo in practice. 
  • Participate in the workshops and get to know the associations specific to a field of study! 
  • The programme also includes music and snacks!
  • Student: Collect several overall badges in one afternoon!

After the event, you can move to watch the freshmen's oath and join the freshmen's party (Keltanokkabileet). 

The event also includes a social media challenge, more info to be revealed later...

Registration link

See you!

Remember this: #TUASopening

NOTE: Teaching staff: if you want your entire student group to participate, please ask everyone to enrol through the Lyyti link. This way we get everyone's dietary requirements and music requests.


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