Page updated 11.2.2016
Finna candy

The library proudly presents: TUAS Finna!

TUAS Finna is the new one stop search service providing access to e-resources and printed materials provided by TUAS library, as well as TUAS theses. You can also renew your loans and reserve materials in Finna.

Some of the e-resources are licenced for TUAS students and staff only. However, you will find also plenty of open access materials in Finna.

What is Finna? How to find TUAS library resources? Explore Finna at the main lobby at Lemminkäisenkatu campus (Lemminkäisenkatu 30) from Monday to Thursday, February 15th to 18th 2016!


  • Find what Finna has to offer with a library expert from Monday to Thursday between 11 am and 1 pm
  • The release of TUAS Finna on Wednesday 17th at 11 am: Vesa Taatila, the rector and Presdent of TUAS, interviews Marja Anttonen, the Director of Library Services about Finna. Presentation of Finna by Chief Information Specialist Tuulikki Hattunen.

Visit us at Lemminkäisenkatu campus, help yourself to Finna sweets and pick up your Finna safety reflector! Safety reflectors are also available on campus libraries on Wednesday 17th February.

If you are unable to join the event, watch the live broadcast from Lemminkäisenkatu starting from Wednesday 17th at 11 am on Periscope. Download the application to your phone or use web browser and follow TurkuAMK. The link to the live stream broadcast will be tweeted on TUAS Twitter. The broadcast will be available for 24 hours on Periscope.


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