Page updated 10.3.2016

The actors of 5G Test Network Finland to present their activities at international fairs

In 2015, the top global companies of the Finnish telecommunications industry, research institutes and the state joined forces in the extensive 5GTNF test environment within Tekes’ 5thGear programme. The aim was to offer the best possible 5G test environment for Finnish companies as they develop their own research and business activities.

The 5GTNF test environment, which is coordinated by VTT (the Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd), promotes research and technology development in the field of telecommunications. The parties involved believe that in the future, a versatile 5G test network environment gives Finland a real competitive edge in the race towards a digital future. In April, the Finnish actors will present the environment at the MWC16 fair in Barcelona.

The 5G Test Network Finland test environment, which will soon be presented in Barcelona, is a joint effort by the industry, research parties and the Finnish state. Large global actors in the field of telecommunications, SMEs, network operators, authorities, universities and research institutes are all represented in the consortiums of the four 5G test network projects which form the test environment.

The 5GTNF test environment is unique also because the three largest network manufacturers, Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei cooperate in it. 5GTNF is thus a demonstration of Finland’s attractiveness as a global competence cluster.

The developed test environment is internationally significant and at the MWC16 telecommunications fair in Barcelona, the Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland Anne Berner will present it to international actors.

“MWC is the largest international telecommunications event and being on display there is a big deal for all us developers”, says leader of the research group Jarkko Paavola from TUAS.

TUAS is involved in two test network projects in the 5thGear programme

In concrete terms, combining the different test networks was carried out by combining the 5G test networks in the Tekes-funded 5thGear programme as one single entity. VTT acts as a research partner in all four 5G test network projects of the 5thGear programme. TUAS is involved in two of these: in one as the coordinator and in another as a partner.

“In the Future of UHF Frequency Band (FUHF) project we study and test the impact of the changing media environment and the forms of future media consumption on the business models of different actors in the fields of telecommunications and media.”

“The test network of the Cognitive Radio Trial Environment (CORE ++) project provides a unique test environment for new frequency band sharing concepts in future mobile broadband systems”, Paavola says and continues:

“The test environment offers the industry and SMEs a taste of the operations of 5G mobile technology in good time before the actual commercialisation stage. In the test environment, the companies can safely test their new products and business models, because the environment works as an innovation platform for actors in the field.”

“From the MWC16 fair, we expect extensive visibility and new international opportunities for cooperation. Last year 94 000 visitors and 2 200 exhibitors participated in the fair, so there are opportunities for extensive visibility. However, standing out is important”, Paavola says.