Page updated 11.4.2016

TUAS attracted applicants in the joint application of the spring

Altogether 152 000 applicants pursued 50 000 starting places in the joint application of higher education institutions. The application period ended last week. 54% of the applicants chose a UAS as their first study option. TUAS was the third most interesting university of applied sciences in terms of applicants’ first study options.

In total, the 60 degree programmes of Turku University of Applied Sciences received 14 077 applications. There are over 2 100 starting places in the degree programmes starting next autumn at TUAS. The degree programmes in the field of social and health care and business received the largest numbers of applications.

The most attractive degree programmes in the field of social and health care were Dental Technology and Physiotherapy. The number of applicants increased from last year in many degree programmes in the field of technology, for example in Industrial Management and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Of the degree programmes in the field of culture, Fine Arts and Animation attracted the largest number of applications in relation to the starting places.

“We are especially pleased with the increase in the popularity of our mixed-mode degree programmes", says Rector Vesa Taatila from Turku University of Applied Sciences, who is pleased with the numbers. 

The joint application period which ended now mostly offered degree programmes conducted in Finnish. Three degree programmes conducted in English were included in the application: Leadership and Service Design (Master of Culture and Arts and Master of Business Administration) and Marine Technology (Master of Engineering). The English-language programmes attracted altogether 103 applicants.

Bachelor-level degree programmes and the Master’s degree programme in Business Administration, International Business Management, all conducted in English, were included in the joint application period earlier this spring.

The selection results of all English-language programmes will be announced on 1 July 2016. The study place shall be accepted by 15 July at 15:00 and the studies will start in August–September.