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Page updated 30.6.2016

Carpe Summer Learning Lab led to new networks and further co-designing

and to some of our Carpe partners leaving Turku wearing their Excellence in Action -hats.

The Carpe Summer Learning Lab gave a unique opportunity to TUAS teachers and students to work with our partners from Hogeschool Utrecht and Manchester Metropolitan University. Three different learning labs started online in April and were rounded-up in face-to-face -meetings on each campus on 27th and 28th of June 2016.

-Learning Lab was a great success as we met international staff with a courage to think differently about teaching and learning. We all wanted to seek the ways as how to develop education for future learners, says Minna Scheinin,  Head of Future Learning Design.

-Also the working days ways organised differently. We had our workshops in the city library, in a café as well as in a museum. This helped us to free our campus-based ideas and to experience where learning will take place in the future.

The groups also sent Periscope and Twitter updates every now and then and every afternoon the groups from Turku, Utrecht and Manchester gave presentations about their outcomes via Adobe Connect Pro.


Times are changing - are you?

TUAS representatives Susanna Saari and Mervi Varhelahti were the facilitators in the course Times are changing - are you? Their group came up with new ideas about future teacher as a professionally competent. -The aspect of wellbeing is also becoming more and more important.

Minna Scheinin and Anu Härkönen were in charge of the group that was discussing about co-designing for future learning.

-The outcome of the two days is very promising. We now have enthusiastic working groups and some conrete steps forward to strengthen the Carpe Consortium and a network for developing pedagogy for the future, tells Scheinin.

Carpe Summer Learning Lab for the summer 2017 is being planned already.
-You should definitely join us then and enjoy the energetic working atmosphere among our Carpe-partners!, encourages Scheinin.

Pictures: Henri Särkkä