Page updated 17.11.2016

An engineering degree completed in Germany opens doors to the German market

A cooperation agreement, which was signed on Tuesday with the German Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, provides TUAS’ engineering students the chance to complete a German engineering degree in addition to the Finnish one.

A new cooperation agreement provides the opportunity for double engineering degrees

Text and photo: Martti Komulainen

The degree completed in Germany develops the students’ language skills, familiarizes them with the German operating culture and thus promotes the abilities to work in the German market.
This autumn the first engineering student started their studies at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany.  Upon graduation, the students will have two engineering degrees. The sales engineering degree completed in Germany also includes language studies.
TUAS has for some time already cooperated with German higher education institutions. Earlier this autumn, cooperation on a Master’s degree path for Finnish engineering students was agreed on with Hochschule Kaiserslautern – University of Applied Sciences.
“The technology industry within Southwest Finland is strongly committed to the German market and industrial partners, for example Bayer, Meyer Turku and Valmet Automotive. Professionals who master the German language are sought after in industry. The cooperation between TUAS and German higher education institutions gives excellent competitive edge to students who participate in the programme, and is one of TUAS’ means to serve the business life in the region”, says Vice Rector Juhani Soini.
The cooperation agreement is mutual: German engineering students also have the opportunity to complete a Finnish degree in engineering. The education offered in Turku leads to a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Industrial Management and Engineering, and the education offered to Finns in Germany leads to a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Sales.