Page updated 10.2.2017
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New additions to the number of international Student Ambassadors

Congratulations to all new student ambassadors of South-West Coast! Last year, 11 international Student Ambassadors were chosen to promote South-West Finland across the world.

The story is now continuing, as 16 new student ambassadors were nominated at the Turku City Hall on Tuesday 7th of February as part of the growing network of international experts. The role of the ambassadors is to increase awareness of the region’s expertise and business life, promote the higher education institutes on South-West Coast and contribute to the internationalisation of the region!

The ambassador programme utilises the international and internationally-oriented degree students who are committed to the region and who are tasked with informing their own networks of the opportunities provided by South-West Coast. These activities boost the region’s image as an international environment and comfortable place to live. With the help of the ambassadors, information about the opportunities provided by the region can be spread across the world.

The availability of competent work force is another key condition for success in terms of financial growth. It is difficult for international degree students to find job in Finland, and the aim of these activities is to commit the students to the region by creating a professional network of international experts.

During the kick-off event, the new Student Ambassadors were ceremoniously nominated as part of the growing network of Student Ambassadors. The event featured speeches by Mika Akkanen, Manager of International Affairs at the City of Turku and Marketing Manager Juha Elo. Two ambassadors appointed last year, Tarek Omran and Christina Athanasopoulou, talked about their experiences as ambassadors so far.

In the future, the network of ambassadors will grow into an extensive network of international talents whose members want to promote the region’s reputation and internationalisation. The ambassador programme is implemented in cooperation with the Intercity Collaboration of South-West Finland (LOURA  and the POLKU project .

Contact information

Annika Bernitz
tel. +358 (0)50 491 0893

Päivi Oliva, Turku University of Applied Sciences
tel. +358 (0)50 598 5606

Kaisu Paasio, University of Turku
tel. +358 (0)50 546 4945