Page updated 11.9.2017

#TUASopening and Awards of the Year

The opening of the academic year was celebrated at Lemminkäisenkatu campus on Thursday 7 September with well-being as this year's theme.

At the beginning, the audience listened to short speeches from TUAS Rector and President Vesa Taatila, Chair of TUAS Board Niko Aaltonen and Chair of Student Union TUO's Board Jukka-Pekka Salmela.

– The positive structural change goads us now to aim even higher than before. Luckily enough, our active students and staff members have already rolled their sleeves and set to solve new challenges, said Vesa Taatila.

Jukka-Pekka Salmela from Student Union TUO reminded:

– The job market recognizes and appreciates our working life competences. We need to invest even more in enhancing the working life skills of our students and demonstrate through our flexible teaching methods that competence is created also without traditional lectures, outside the auditorium.

The microphone was also handed to the new Mayor of City of Salo, Lauri Inna and MP Eeva-Johanna Eloranta, who is a TUAS Fellow and member of TUAS Advisory Board of Health and Well-being.

During the event, staff members with 20 years of experience of working at TUAS were awarded with roses. In addition, the Awards of the Year were released.

Teacher of the Year: Minna Teittinen

Minna Teittinen is genuinely interested in students, always finding time to help out and listen. She invests in planning the courses and lectures and adapts the teaching to the needs of the student group. She is an active, competent, informed and motivating teacher. In her case, the saying 'Teachers who love teaching teach students to love learning' really is valid.


Student of the Year: Katariina Tiura

Katariina is a textbook example of an active student. Already during the first year or her studies, she participated in the activities of the FIRMA learning environment. At the moment, she works as Student CEO of the FIRMA. She also participates in the activities of Student Union TUO as a student representative. Katariina is very active, energetic and easy to approach.


Alumnus of the Year: Chrzu Lindström

Chrzu has studied animation at TUAS and works actively in the field of animation, also as director and visiting teacher. Chrzu is an important link between students and professionals. He has, among other things, ensured good practical training opportunities available for the students. Chrzu is a positive and encouraging person, who with his own attitude inspires others to work in the field of animation.             

Into Award (staff): Reetta Partala

Reetta is a brilliant person who creates a positive atmosphere wherever she goes. It is easy to go and talk to Reetta about everything and anything, and listening to her stories is always a pleasure. Her work with exchange students is extremely important, and she is always willing to help others.                    


Into Award (students): Jukka-Pekka Salmela

Jukka-Pekka, Chair of Student Union TUO's Board, motivates all students to participate in influencing, and he creates a pleasant atmosphere around him. In addition to the successful student union activities, Jukka-Pekka is doing a great job inspiring and lifting the spirit among students.   


Tarmo-palkinto: #factory

#factory learning environment on Lemminkäisenkatu campus is a great example of how teaching, cooperation with businesses and RDI activities can be integrated. Operators of #factory have successfully adopted a challenging environment and aim at utilizing it as much as possible in mechanical engineering and also in a cross-disciplinary manner. #factory is a versatile know-how factory, bringing together engineering competence, enthusiastic students and the challenges that the businesses are currently facing.


Once the current academic year was officially welcomed, the celebrations moved from the auditorium to the lobby to enjoy snacks and music and to explore the well-being themed mini fair.