Page updated 12.9.2017

TUAS Salo operations relocate to Salo IoT Campus

The Salo unit of TUAS, currently operating at Ylhäistentie, moves to the premises of Salo IoT Campus around the turn of the year. The relocation applies to the whole of the staff and students of Salo campus.

Salo campus has 850 students studying in the fields of business, health care and social services.

"Through the relocation of the operations, we aim to increase the cooperation between students and businesses. Salo IoT Campus enables this better than our current location", says Vesa Taatila, Rector and President of TUAS.

During the summer, space planning has been conducted and the details of the lease have been finalized. The required modifications in Kiila building at Salo IoT Campus will commence in September.

"The more detailed schedule of the relocation process will be established during the autumn. However, the plan is to start working and studying in the new facilities during January 2018", says Markus Forstén, Head of Facilities Management at TUAS.

Strengthening the cooperation

"We are delighted to welcome TUAS to Salo IoT Campus. Our competence cluster has already over 40 enterprises that appreciate the communal atmosphere and the opportunities it offers. The arrival of TUAS to Salo IoT Campus complements excellently our clientele, and we wish the students warmly welcome here", says Jukka Vakula, Managing Director of Salo IoT Campus.

"The students and the businesses operating at campus will utilize common services and work in the same premises. Hopefully, this way we can make it easier for students to find practical training opportunities and serve the future recruitment needs of the businesses. Salo Iot Campus will be a great base for many new innovations in the future", Vakula describes the benefits of the collaboration.

More information:

Head of Facilities Management Markus Forstén, TUAS, tel. 044 907 2072
Managing Director Jukka Vakula, Salo IoT Campus, tel.  040 761 7287

Salo IoT Campus website