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Page updated 2.2.2018

Brazil is now utilizing TUAS’ teaching methods

The learning approach and methods of TUAS provoke global interest, thanks to the emphasis on the innovation competences much required in the future working life. In Brazil, the University of Caxias do Sul has recently started utilizing innovation pedagogy, the learning approach developed at TUAS.

The practice-oriented and innovation competence enhancing learning approach, developed at TUAS, provokes wide interest outside the Finnish borders. Education export has proceeded in the city of Caxias do Sul, Brazil, to the point in which teachers, who are trained by TUAS, convey the principles of innovation pedagogy forward through trainings that are licensed by TUAS. The purpose is for the Brazilian higher education institution to further distribute innovation pedagogy in the southern Brazil within a region of three states. The agreement on the matter was signed this autumn.

In the University of Caxias do Sul, innovation pedagogy has been applied in entrepreneurship studies and design studies, for instance. They have also evaluated the innovation competences, and the common opinion is that the fresh approach really does enhance useful skills and competences.

Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore: demand for the Finnish expertise in education

In addition to Brazil, innovation pedagogy has provoked plenty of interest in Indonesia, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Singapore, to name but a few. Teachers working in higher education institutions in these countries have been trained to utilize innovation pedagogy in their studies, thus highlighting, for instance, multidisciplinary way of working, the importance of communication skills and the practical orientation.

A significant recognition was recently admitted from the EU. Namely, the innovation pedagogy by TUAS is mentioned in the 'renewed EU agenda for higher education', a working document by the EU, which is used for setting guidelines for higher education in the EU region. The document refers to innovation pedagogy as a promising example of a learning method that aims at enhancing innovation competences.

Stronger readiness for innovating

Innovation pedagogy, developed and used by TUAS, is a model of operating and thinking in the sphere of learning. It emphasizes learning together through a variety of methods, in a multidisciplinary manner, in a problem and working life oriented way and by combining studies, R&D projects and working life. It offers means for developing the working life and promoting the much required innovation competences.

On the organizational level, innovation pedagogy is a cross-cutting method of implementing teaching at TUAS. It can be and it is applied in different ways. For instance, learning at Business Academy takes place through real-life commissions from companies; teachers act as coaches but the implementation of the commissions is managed by the students.

The Project Workshop method underlines the multidisciplinary way of operating. In project workshops, new students are arranged into multidisciplinary groups. The purpose is for fresh students to gain experience in completing a commission in multidisciplinary cooperation with students from various fields, while more senior students act as instructors in the project. In addition, different innovation camps with shorter duration provide an effective way of implementing innovation pedagogy through commissions and offering fresh ideas for companies of how to develop their business.

Under the trademark Innopeda®, TUAS offers innovation pedagogical guidance, consulting and methods to educational establishments as well as businesses.