Page updated 23.11.2017

A ringside view to sales education through Journal of Excellence in Sales

Journal of Excellence in Sales is a publication by TUAS with a strong focus on sales expertise. The most recent issue provides a wide introduction on sales education both in Finland and abroad.

The wide interpretation of sales as narrating ideas or telling stories and as offering a service or solution is strongly promoted by the articles by Editor-in-Chief Sini Jokiniemi and TUAS Dean Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen. According to this interpretation, everyone is a salesperson and therefore everyone also needs selling skills.

A salesperson must not forget the customer.
"The customer represents a challenge for every salesperson to predict and understand, which solution serves the customer in the most effective way", says Jokiniemi in Editor's Letter.

The current issue of the biannual Journal of Excellence in Sales introduces the recently established higher education network focusing on sales as well as current projects relating to higher education pedagogy and entrepreneurship studies. In addition, the fresh publication offers up-to-date examples of sales education in other countries, an analysis of young adults as customers and an overview of how it is to study sales at TUAS.

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