Page updated 9.1.2018

Students arrive at Salo IoT Campus

The TUAS students studying in Salo will begin their spring term in the premises of Salo IoT Campus. The new campus enables increasingly close interaction between TUAS and businesses.

The approximately 850 students and 40 staff members who study and work at the Salo campus of TUAS will relocate to the new premises at Salo IoT Campus at the beginning of 2018. The new residents of Salo IoT Campus will utilize common services and work in the same facilities with over 40 other companies and organizations.

"Students are an extremely welcome addition to the Salo IoT Campus community. The close connections with the businesses operating in our facilities will surely benefit students. I can’t wait to see what kind of discussions and innovations will arise from the cooperation between TUAS and our customer companies", says Managing Director of Salo IoT Campus Jukka Vakula.

All TUAS operations based in Salo will relocate to new premises, located at Salo IoT Campus. Thus, the relocation will affect students in the degree programmes in the fields of business, health care and social services.

According to TUAS Head of Facilities Management Markus Forstén, the aim in the relocation process is not only to strengthen the students’ connections with working life but also to increase the team spirit among students.

"As we relocate to Salo IoT Campus, the number of traditional classrooms and lecture halls will decrease significantly. Instead of them, we will have flexible learning spaces at our disposal: more informal learning environments with more open space that can be better adapted to the special needs of each taught subject and to working together."

The spring term at TUAS will begin on 15 January 2018.

More information:

Managing Director Jukka Vakula, Salo IoT Campus, tel. 040 761 7287,

Head of Facilities Management Markus Forstén, TUAS, tel. 044 907 2072,

Salo IoT Campus

Salo IoT Campus houses 90,000 m² of modern and versatile spaces for offices, research, training and production under the same roof. The campus puts a lot of emphasis on providing suitable premises as well as services and support for business development. We are developing the Salo IoT Campus into an internationally prominent industrial internet knowledge centre and a sought-after partner. Salo IoT Park Oy a limited company founded in March 2017 that owns and develops the premises and services of the Salo IoT Campus.