Page updated 29.1.2018

TUAS’ degree programmes conducted in English attracted applicants

The joint application to English-speaking degree programmes ended on Wednesday 24 January. In the first joint application period of this year, Turku University of Applied Sciences offered three degree programmes conducted in English in the field of business, engineering and health care.

Based on preliminary figures, all three degree programmes attracted more primary applicants than in the corresponding joint application of 2017.

During this joint application period, TUAS offered the following three study options: Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business (IB); Bachelor of Engineering, Information and Communication Technology (ICT); and Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing. Of these three study options, the English-speaking nursing education with 20 starting places attracted the highest number of applicants. Almost as attractive was the degree programme in International Business, with 45 starting places this year. The degree programme in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has 40 starting places. TUAS has increased their starting places in degree programmes conducted in English compared to last year.

Foreign applicants represented the majority with regard to engineering studies, a minority with regard to the business degree. In the degree programme of International Business, the whole degree can be completed as online studies. TUAS has been one of the first Finnish higher education institutions to offer online degree education. In addition to international business, TUAS offers degree programmes in Social Services and Film and Media as online studies.

– It is great to see how applicants have found our degree programme in International Business Online that we will now offer for the second time. The experiences from the first academic year have been extremely positive, and we are already looking forward to having a second group of new students, says TUAS Rector and President Vesa Taatila.

Applicants will be notified about the student selection results on 26 June 2018 at the latest. The studies will begin in the autumn. Find out more details on the joint application schedule

The second joint application period of the spring takes place on 14–28 March 2018 and offers a selection of over 50 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in four different fields of education. Majority of the degree programmes are conducted in Finnish, with two Master’s degree programmes conducted entirely in English. Read more about TUAS' degree programme selection!