Page updated 15.2.2018

Chinese Spring Festival Food Sales at Lemmikäsenkatu Campus

Chinese Spring Festival celebration was taken place at Lemminkäisenkatu Campus. Our twelve visiting students from Tianjin University of Technology, China organized an event: Chinese Food Sale for students and staff to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival together.

Text: Rina Bao

This group of students studied in Sepänkatu campus last autumn semester and will complete their spring studies in Business Academy. In January, they formed a cooperative called Chiland to learn to be entrepreneurs, helping themselves to grow in the business world as well as offering business services and Chinese expertise to Finnish companies. This is their first sales project from scratch to the end. 

Principal Lecturer Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen was the first customer to taste the homemade Chinese food and she highly appraised the sales idea and the delicious food.

Chiland team was delighted to receive their first customer, Dr. Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen (left).

What is Chinese Spring Festival?

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival (春节 Chūn Jié), in modern China, is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. Chinese people both in China and living all around the world celebrate the Spring Festival as annual family reunions to enjoy the best food and cherish the family time together.

This is the first time for our Chinese students to spend the Chinese New Year away from their families, therefore this project is a special occasion for them to create Chinese atmosphere in our campus for a celebration. In addition, it is a learning curve for them to practise their skills in many different aspects: cooking, organizational, accounting, financial and marketing skills. Around 40 customers purchased their food products, all with smiley faces. 

We are waiting for the Chinese Spring Festival 2018, which will take place on 16 February. The Chiland team wishes everyone Happy Chinese New Year!

Chiland team’s main coach: Taru Kakko is discussing how the sale was going while enjoying the food.