Page updated 13.2.2018

Pekka Talmola nominated as TUAS Fellow

The TUAS Fellow expert scheme, established in 2016 by Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), aims at promoting the stakeholder collaboration between the higher education institution and the surrounding society. The most recently nominated TUAS Fellow expert is Pekka Talmola, who has cooperated with ICT trainers since early 1990s.

Text and photo: Johanna Stenroos-Vuorio

The nomination of Pekka Talmola was released in the ICT Advisory Board meeting at Business Service Centre Potkuri. Talmola, starting his journey as a TUAS Fellow as of 6 February 2018, is the first to be nominated in the field of ICT.

"I can say I know Turku University of Applied Sciences well, as the many forms of collaboration have been commonplace for the past 25 years", Pekka Talmola reflects.

Already in the 1990s, Talmola taught in digital television related study units. He has also instructed engineering students regarding their theses and participated in international research projects. Talmola is a member of the ICT Advisory Board at TUAS.

TUAS Fellow Pekka Talmola graduated as a Master of Science in electronics in 1986 and as a Licenciate of Technology in 1994 from Helsinki University of Technology (these days, Aalto University). Talmola has been employed by the Nokia Corporation since 1985, working extensively in product development with, for instance, TV, satellite and mobile technologies.

"From now on, the cooperation with Pekka Talmola will be even tighter than before. His long and diverse experience in challenging expert roles is valuable from the viewpoints of both education and RDI activities", says Head of Education and Research Janne Roslöf from TUAS.

Closely involved in standardization and international research projects

Since 2000, Pekka Talmola has participated in standardization processes in international organizations operating in the field. The assignments have been linked to, for example, mobile TV, cognitive radio, energy and health technologies. In addition, Talmola has participated in the regulation contributions in the use of spectrum especially in the UHF band.

A demonstration of Pekka Talmola’s devotion is his active participation in numerous international (EU, Celtic) and national (Tekes) research projects. It is exactly within the Celtic and Tekes projects where the long-term collaboration with the operators in the field of ICT at Turku University of Applied Sciences has been implemented.

"Pekka Talmola has been one of the most significant individuals in the business world to promote the creation of the project continuum of over ten years for the research on wireless data communication at TUAS. It’s great to have him onboard in the daily activities of the research group", states Research Group Leader Jarkko Paavola from TUAS.

What is the TUAS Fellow expert scheme?

TUAS Fellow is a scheme that was created in order to expand both TUAS expert network and societal stakeholder collaboration. From time to time, new experts are invited to join the scheme under the honorary title TUAS Fellow. The aim is to engage the experts who already have participated in TUAS operations in promoting our common objectives, expanding our societal networks and strengthening our competence.