Page updated 26.2.2018

Reserve a place for summer courses 2018


  • Thu 1 March 2018 Summer course selection opens
  • Thu 15 March 2018 at 8.00 Enrolment on the courses begin

”It’s great that you can find all the summer courses in one place!” is a joint portal of 23 universities of applied sciences.

Studying in the summer pays off.

You can speed up your studies and select courses from an extensive selection. Online courses are completely independent of location and time. Study whenever you choose and wherever you are!

Visit also the "Summer Semester" page in Messi and find more info about financial aid in the summer.

“It’s a great opportunity to speed up your studies and to find courses that support your own specialization. I am going to continue to study in the summer. Last summer (2017) I completed 4 courses, altogether 15 ETCS.”