Page updated 25.4.2018

TUAS International Week at the Faculty of Health and Well-being – from exchange student’s perspective

TUAS International Week took place in mid-April. People from different countries gathered together to listen and to learn from each other. As a nursing exchange student from the Netherlands, I got the chance to participate in programme.

Written by: Marcelina Rejniak, Bachelor student in Nursing from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

One of the International Week days was organized in Salo. Before we left Turku by bus in the morning, I met my teachers from my home university, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle, and joined them to listen to various lectures in Salo. There was a workshop on euthanasia, a lecture about mobilizing employees in health organizations, a teacher telling about her own research and more. People were interested in each other’s lectures. The atmosphere during this day was engaging and inspiring. 

The following day was arranged on TUAS Ruiskatu Campus. Early in the morning the lecture room was already full of students. The first lecture was given by my home university teacher Ms. Van ‘t Hul. The topic of the lecture was euthanasia and the audience was engaged in listening carefully. After the lecture, we had a break during which I asked my fellow students’ opinions about the topic. I heard a lot of positive reactions. It was something different from what they know in Finland and that is what made it interesting. 

The day continued with more lectures by different teachers. I attended a lecture about elderly people in society given by another teacher from my home university, Ms. Eisenberg.  

For me the highlights of this week were learning something from different kinds of people. I had the chance to orientate myself in different fields, whether it was in nursing, education or management. During the week I broadened my perspectives and ideas about my future studies. 

Moreover, I enjoyed talking to other international students and teachers about their experiences during their careers. I saw people connecting and creating new networks. All these aspects together made the international week a success for me. 

Photo top: My teachers and me in Salo.     Entrance of the Salo IoT Campus.