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Handprint of our community – TUAS celebrated the opening of the academic year

What does the sense of community in a higher education institution involve? The only way for a higher education institution to succeed in a world of open competition of competence is to create an inspiring sense of belonging. This way, success radiates to the entire region, its residents, companies and communities.

“At best, learning and developing together with more senior and more junior colleagues creates a strong sense of solidarity.  Most of us prefer to feel that they are respected parts of a meaningful community. A higher education institution enables this”, said TUAS Rector Vesa Taatila in his speech. 

“Throughout their history, universities of applied sciences have had to justify their existence not only as a system responding to working life needs but also as an educator and as an important part of the society. We should perceive how much this community has accomplished together and how significant the societal change caused by universities of applied sciences and graduates from universities of applied sciences is”, reminded Jukka-Pekka Salmela, Chair of the Board of the Student Union of Turku University of Applied Sciences – TUO. 

In his speech, Chair of the Board of Turku University of Applied Sciences Niko Aaltonen emphasized the development of the Kupittaa region and the related opportunities.  

“Turku Science Park will be a completely new kind of junction of people, businesses, ideas and traffic. Many TUAS students will work here in the Kupittaa region at some point in their careers”, Niko Aaltonen stated. 

Member of the city council and Vice-Chairman of the Board of TUAS Niina Ratilainen reminded that there has been a lack of those who understand, speak for and develop university of applied sciences education in the society. “This year in particular”, she says, “we should be increasingly discussing educational policy and underline the significance of universities of applied sciences in society.”

The event was produced by Partum, a student cooperative of the Business Academy of TUAS. The catering responsibility was in the hands of by Crema Catering, a company set up by TUAS alumni. What was left after the event is a piece of community art made of colourful painted handprints, and let us not forget the group of award-winning members of the TUAS community.  

Awards handed at the opening of the new academic year

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Every spring, TUAS arranges a voting period within its community regarding those members of the community who deserve a recognition. Voting results are released in the opening of the academic year with congratulations flowers and diplomas.

Student of the Year (voted by staff) Ilona Leino, Degree Programme in Midwifery
Ilona Leino spreads good mood and sunshine around her. Ilona actively participates in the work of her group and knows how to consider others. She also participates as an active student member in the Team for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Midwifery Studies, a team comprising midwifery teachers, student representatives and representatives of working life.

Into award, students (a person voted by students as well as staff who creates a good and positive atmosphere and inspires others to a good performance): Vinski Mäyrälä, Degree Programme in Business Administration
Vinski Mäyrälä is a kind-hearted student who understands the importance of team spirit and knows how to build a positive, constructive atmosphere in project work. Vinski is the pride of TUAS Business Academy with his positive buzz and unprejudiced attitude.

Alumnus of the Year: Juha Tuominen, YIT Rakennus Oy
Juha Tuominen, who has acted as the responsible site manager at the construction site of the CHP power plant in Naantali, was handed the Construction Site Manager of the Year award by the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI), Southwest Finland local organization. According to TSE, the commissioner of the power plant, the project was completed in time and the costs remained almost EUR 20 M below the cost estimate without sacrificing quality or occupational safety. Juha Tuominen has graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering in civil engineering from Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2011.

Teacher of the Year (voted by students) Henna Vuoriranta, Lecturer, nursing
Inspires others, supports them both in their studies and in life in general, is willing to spend her own time to assist students and really seems to care! A competent, highly professional lecturer in midwifery who is genuinely interested in our learning.  Henna implements courses utilizing different learning methods. She takes care of and arranges practical training placements for students and considers students’ wishes. Always so lovely and positive, there should be more teachers like her!

Tarmo award (team, working group, unit or community): Staff at the Salo campus
The staff members working in Salo participated actively in the planning and implementation of the Salo IoT Campus relocation. The Salo campus has an active community that is open for change. In teaching, innovation pedagogy is present every day e.g. in Business Academy, and health care studies utilize methods of problem based learning a lot. Salo IoT Campus has formed a network with working life and students are an active part of the campus operations. In Salo, people take care that everyone feels comfortable. 

Into award, staff: Hanna Peussa, International Relations Officer
Hanna Peussa is helpful and good-humoured. She is an unbelievable source of information whom one can always trust. Hanna is willing to guide and assist every student with great patience. The door to Hanna's office is often open and the ICT City staff members seem to visit the office either for advice or for new energy. Hanna is a keen and innovative event organizer.

Communicator of the Year: Katja Heikkinen, Principal Lecturer, tutor, Education and Research Leader, UAS Master's degrees
Katja Heikkinen is one of the authors in two Talk online magazine articles in spring 2018, one of which was published in Talk Digitalization and the other in Talk Health and Well-being. She is active in expert communications in Twitter and LinkedIn. Katja Heikkinen has contributed to ten publications published by TUAS and written dozens of national and international peer-reviewed and other publications since 2002. 

Lions Club grant for the most innovative thesis, LC Turku Aninkainen: Markus Meklin, Business Information Technology
His thesis “Utilizing Video Metrics” (written in Finnish) is available at Theseus . The thesis was commissioned by Timeline Oy.

TUAS Fellow nominations (a scheme for invited experts):

Ilkka Ritakallio, Teleste Oyj
Ilkka Ritakallio is nominated as TUAS Fellow with product development of electronics and high frequency technology as his area of expertise. Ilkka Ritakallio has graduated from Turku Institute of Technology as a Bachelor of Engineering in telecommunications. Ritakallio has been working for Teleste since early 1980s and his current title is Director (New Applications, R&D). He has conducted active and long-term cooperation with TUAS and the preceding organizations.

Professor Mika Hannula has been assigned a task to coordinate the Technology Campus Turku collaboration of the City of Turku, Turku Science Park and the higher education institutions of Turku. Mika Hannula has previously worked as Professor in Knowledge Management at Tampere University of Technology.