Page updated 30.1.2019

Degree programmes conducted in English by TUAS attracted applicants

The joint application to English-speaking degree programmes ended on Wednesday 23 January. In the first joint application period of this year, Turku University of Applied Sciences offered two degree programmes: International Business Online in the field of business and Information and Communications Technology in the field of technology.

Altogether 219 applicants were interested in the 45 study places in the field of business. In the field of technology, altogether 204 applicants were interested in the 40 study places. Both programmes lead to a degree: Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Engineering, respectively.

The applicants to the Bachelor’s degree programmes, who have completed their prior studies in Finland, are invited to an entrance examination, which takes place in April. Those who have completed their prior studies abroad are selected based on an international SAT test. The results of the admissions selection will be released by 7 May and the study place shall be accepted by 8 July at 15:00. For more information, see the instructions on joint application .

The International Business Online programme is implemented completely online. Turku University of Applied Sciences has invested in degree programmes implemented online and later on in the spring, more online degree programmes will be offered in the application to Finnish-language degree programmes. A novelty is the online degree programme in nursing.

The second joint application period this spring will take place on 20 March – 3 April, and in this application, TUAS offers 56 degree programmes in four different fields. Get to know all our degree programmes .