Page updated 11.4.2019

International colours at Turku Sales Competition

The winner of the Turku Sales Competition of spring 2019 was Martin Neumeier, who is completing a double degree at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences and Turku University of Applied Sciences.

In Turku Sales Competition, organized by Turku University of Applied Sciences, students get to prove their sales skills in a buyer–seller role-play situation.

In the buyer–seller role-play situation of the competition, the evaluation focuses on creating a good interactive relationship, mapping the customer’s needs and presenting a value-creating solution. 
Turku Sales Competition was now arranged for the 12th time. Students from the degree programme in industrial engineering at Turku University of Applied Sciences, exchange students from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and double degree students from Germany participated in the competition. 
The double degree opportunity is included in the cooperation between TUAS and UAS Aschaffenburg, in which the education offered in Turku leads to a Bachelor of Engineering degree in industrial management and the education offered for Finns in Germany to a sales engineer degree.

International colours

Matias Hokkanen from TUAS came in second place in the competition, TUAS exchange student De Anoek Jong from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Netherlands, finished third and Czech Katerina Dlouha, who is an exchange student at Haaga-Helia and studies at UCL University College Denmark, came in fourth place. 
The main cooperation partner was Netello Systems Oy and the students sold their service concept in service engine optimization (SEO). - In my opinion, the Sales Competition is a professional and high-quality concept, the students are active and the cooperation has been excellent since the beginning, said Netello Systems Oy’s Sales Manager Mikko Sinilahti, who acted as the buyer in the finals.