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Page updated 11.6.2019

The first call for KampusART artists is now open!

The first open call of the Kupittaa Campus arts programme has started. We seek an interesting and bold idea for an artwork with a combination of an open call for portfolios and an invitational art competition. The artwork will be produced in the yard deck to be constructed between TUAS’ new campus building and Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki.

The artist selection of the outdoor artwork within the arts programme is implemented in two stages. The call for portfolios, open for artists and artistic groups working in Finland, is open from 3 June to 31 July 2019. From those who have submitted their portfolios by the deadline, 3−5 artists and/or artistic teams are selected to the second stage i.e. the invitational art competition, and sketches on the artwork or entity are ordered from them.

“Art increases the attractiveness of the campus and constructs its identity. The aim is that the artwork brings contrast to its surroundings. Art can not only surprise, but also act as a landmark and help with navigating in the area”, says Riina Kotilainen, Art Coordinator for KampusART.

More information on the call for portfolios, the location and the schedule are available on the arts programme’s website at

High-quality and interesting contemporary art to the campus

The ongoing call for portfolios and the upcoming invitational art competition are a part of the KampusART arts programme, which brings interesting and high-quality contemporary art to the campus to be built in Turku Science Park.

“The arts programme, worth almost a million euros, acts as an example on the development of the area and public art in the future. At the same time, it is a part of the national development work of public art”, says Taina Erävaara, Head of Education and Research in Fine Arts at TUAS.

The arts programme is coordinated by TUAS Arts Academy, and it is implemented in cooperation by TUAS and Turku Technology Properties.

Call for artists for the interior to be launched after the summer

The next call for artists within the KampusART arts programme will be launched after the summer. Then, artists to produce artworks for the interior are sought, and these artists will also be selected through an open call for portfolios.

The photo is an illustration of the location. Photo: Sigge Architects