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Page updated 21.8.2019

Achieving More Value in Customer–Supplier Relations by Combining Buying and Selling Methods

If you’re interested in supplier–customer relations, this is an article just for you. In this piece, Prof. Ludger Schneider-Störmann from the University of Aschaffenburg in Germany proposes several methods for companies who are willing to cooperate with each other in these kinds of relations.

You can find out more about Value Management (VM), the combination of Kano’s method with Quality Function Deployment, Value Analysis (VA) and Value Engineering (VE). Professor Schneider-Störmann also explains Customer Satisfaction and Quality Function Deployment (CSQFD) along with its cooperation with Value Management, and their common tools. In the final part of the article, we can learn more about both methods, what they have in common and how we should work with them.

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