Page updated 3.9.2019

Portuguese for Beginners all around Finland

Brazil-Finland Cultural Center (CCBF) and Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) will join forces to offer “Portuguese for Beginners” on , a joint portal for online courses offered at Finnish universities of applied sciences. The course is available for degree students and exchange students at all universities of applied sciences in Finland for the first time this autumn.

Future collaboration plans between TUAS and CCBF include a course in doing business in Brazil and bringing Innopeda® methods even more actively to online teaching as well. During their visit to Turku on 16 August, the delegation from the Embassy of Brazil in Helsinki and CCBF also heard about the latest developments with TUAS’ innovation pedagogy.

TUAS is extremely excited for the opportunity to offer a new language and culture to its own students as well as students across Finland through the portal.