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Page updated 12.5.2014

The Companies Participating in Ruisrock as Guinea Pigs at Innocamp

Students at Turku University of Applied Sciences innovated savings and reuse of waste for companies at Innocamp.

TUAS students from the fields of environmental technology to beauty care were challenged to help out the companies participating in different mass events by innovating more efficient use of resources. At the end of April, students worked themes over an Innocamp camp lasting over a weekend, after which they presented their development ideas to the cooperation companies.

Among those developing their resource efficiency were e.g. companies participating in Ruisrock: Cloetta from Turku, Painotalo Painola from Kaarina and Kataja Event from Järvenpää.

There were five student groups working at the camp. In addition to TUAS, there were students from Satakunta, Jyväskylä and Lahti Universities of Applied Sciences. Each group had its own theme, which was planned together with the companies within their area. 

Ideas Brainstormed at the Camp

More efficient use of resources creates cost savings and new business opportunities for companies. It also preserves natural resources. The students were assigned to brainstorm, for example, if the participating companies can save energy, water or other material, or if the companies' waste can be reclaimed for example in the form of new products.

“Particularly resource efficiency is a theme where students’ innovation potential is worth taking advantage of, because the possibilities are endless”, says Project Manager Henna Knuutila.