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Page updated 17.10.2019

Utilizing open data in student–enterprise cooperation

Are you interested in new forms of co-creation with enterprises? Keys to open data hackathon is a guidebook for those who want to organize an open data hackathon for higher education students together with enterprises.

The handbook, which was published in TUAS’ publication series, covers the process of organizing a hackathon from the perspective of open data.

“The opportunities of open data are widely discussed, but the more specific contents of the term are not fully absorbed outside the ICT fields. Students, teachers and company representatives can easily access the world of open data through a practice-oriented and intensive hackathon, regardless of the field”, explains Sara Malve-Ahlroth, who edited the handbook.

Open data: free-of-charge, machine-readable information available to anyone for free use.

Hackathon: originally referred to individual events, where IT professionals gathered to   solve problems or develop new applications. Later also an event, where for example multidisciplinary teams of students solve challenges set for them.

Working life oriented learning

A hackathon works as a method of working life oriented learning in itself, and it can be construed either as a part of a study module or organized as a separate event, where students can complete credits when necessary.

The handbook includes the ABCs of the operational model for co-creation developed in the Open DaaS project. The model is based on the cooperative utilization of open data thus that students develop their skills in using it and enterprises may gain ideas for developing their business operations.


Get to know and download free of charge:

Keys to open data hackathon – Guidelines for higher education institutions and developers